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An acclaimed creation from Chezcake Bistro, interesting flavour combinations packed with the finest roasted black n white sesame seeds! A mouth-watering teatime treat.


Dick’s favourite. A wholesome bakery with freshly grated carrot, raisins, walnut and cream cheese! Good with a cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon.


“Smells like hell, but taste like heaven” commonly describes the king of fruits. A perfect blend of cream cheese and fresh durian flesh – it is not to be missed by durian lovers.


A Chezcake Bistro original, combining strong accents of green tea mixed with red beans – a uniquely Asian fusion!


You need a good pomelo which is juicy and sweet to make this special cheesecake. Chilled mango cheesecake filled with sweet pomelo pulp. Only available from October to November during pomelo season.


Rich creamy and velvety textures spiked with cocoa and lemon juice comprises this exquisite and superior selection of cheesecake.


Inspired by Singapore famous local dessert, using Gula Melaka, coconut cream, red beans, chendol, agar agar.


A beautiful cheesecake with a swirl of rainbow colours.


Top 10 sellers Durian, Rum & Raisin, Mango, Blueberry, White Oblivion, Salted Caramel, Pulut Hitam, Smores, Green Tea with Red Beans and Oreo. 

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