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About Chezcake Bistro

"Chezcake Bistro, located in Joo Chiat Road, offers Cheesecakes, coffee, tea and private dining in a relaxing and spacious setting. Our specialties are creamy home-made cheesecakes with real fruit and fresh ingredients that gives our cheesecakes the zest and tantalizing tastes which our customers enjoy."

Chezcake Bistro combines style, decadence and affordable fine dining in equal measure.
Under Cannice Lee, the owner cum food engineer behind Chezcake Bistro, a low key cafe located in Joo Chiat Road has proven to be a hit with the locals. The Bistro offers cheesecakes, coffee, tea and private dining in a relaxing and modern setting.  Their specialties include 70 varieties of mouthwatering creamy cheesecakes made with fresh ingredients, large morsels of fruit and real alcohol fused into exotic flavors. Their finely crafted cheesecakes have been highly rated by customers as “BEST CHEESECAKES IN TOWN”. So much so that MediaCorp, Vasanthum Channel invited Cannice to demonstrate how to bake cheesecake to their viewers. Chezcake Bistro’s current top sellers are: White Oblivion, Durian Durian, Pulut Hitam, Rum & Raisin, Kahlua with Chocolate Chips Cheesecakes --- each uniquely created by Cannice.
Delicious cheesecakes aside, Chezcake Bistro's exciting Western - Asian fusion menu is not to be missed. Chezcake Bistro offers authentic and innovative dishes like Tom Yum Pasta, Black Pepper Crayfish Pasta, Oven Baked Pork Ribs served with a tangy zesty sauce, Yam stuffed with Roast Duck, Seafood Tom Yum pasta and Hawaiian Pork Chop. All these dishes make Chezcake Bistro a favorite amongst the trendy residents of Joo Chiat.
Our wine selection from around the world is carefully chosen by our wine specialist, a member of Guild of Sommeliers. Selection of wine includes premium range from France, Australian, Italian, South African - - and are priced affordably, and excellent in value. The bistro also offers over 20 different varieties of fusion and blended tea, as well as a fine selection of coffee.

Cannice Lee established her first Chezcake Bistro in 2003, originally as a small home business catering to friends. Cannice, a graduate in accountancy, has always loved cooking and baking during her spare time.  This part-time passion soon turned into a business and an F&B venture with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, and the increase in popularity of her home baked cheesecakes. She opened her first Chezcake Bistro restaurant in 2006, next to Boat Quay @ Lorong Telok. After 3 successful years in the central district, she decided to relocate the Bistro to the East of Singapore “closer to home”. Cannice realised very early on that her passion for cooking and baking was more than just a hobby – “It was something I wanted to make as a part of my life” says Cannice. “Food is an essential source of nutrition to the body as it maintains health and well-being. It is therefore important that we nourish our body with good quality food.”
A mother of three young children, Cannice is aware of how important healthy ingredients and fresh food is to the growth and development of her family. The same meticulous care is taken in choosing the ingredients and produce for the home as for her restaurant, thus ensuring that the quality of food to our customers is never compromised. A feature which makes Chezcake Bistro unique amongst restaurants in Singapore. “You feel like you just stepped into a friend’s living room” quote from a customer.
The finely cooked food and uniquely created cheesecakes already make Chezcake Bistro a favorite in Singapore. We currently cater for all functions including private and company dinners, weddings and anniversaries. Within a year in Joo Chiat, Chezcake Bistro has already been recognised by many prestigious organisations in Singapore. Besides being featured in both local and international news networks (Channel U, Channel News Asia, CNN News), it was chosen by our local MP as the “model café/ restaurant” to host his interview on television. We even have a local TV series made within our premises. Not to mention the numerous magazine, radio and internet accolades which we have received. The bistro can accommodate up to 40 people, and is available for private function. 
It's the Best Cheesecake in town so come and try it out!